ESS - Small Company, Big (and Grateful) Clients

Carbondale is known for the Sweet-16 Salukis right now, but a small computer company there is at the heart of a couple of major national stories right now.  Most people haven't heard of ESS Data Recovery, but lots of big national firms depend heavily on their expertise.

Quietly tucked away on a Carbondale side-street, ESS Data Recovery is making quite a name for itself with prestigious clients, and tough assignments.

"One of the biggest things was retrieving blueprints from the world's largest particle accelerator," says Mike Beary, Director of Business Development for ESS. 

Uh, that's Brookhaven National Laboratories in New York.  What else?

"We have also recovered data for Lockheed Martin and NASA.  We're very proud of that," says Beary.

And they've worked on some infamous cases too...

"..Well, we're involved with the Jon Benet Ramsey murder trial," adds Beary.

So what do they have here that brings so many well-heeled clients to their doorstep?

"We're doing very well, because our owner -- Ben Carmitchel -- has developed some key advancements in this arena of forensic investigation," says Beary.

Anything you do on a computer leaves a digital footprint, a traceable footprint.  At ESS they know how to look for that, and it's coming in handy in operation CandyMan, the recent crack-down on a national child pornography ring.

"We're involved with the Candyman case, and uncovering forensic evidence, and comparing it to what others have found.  So that's pretty much all we can say with that right now," says Beary.

And when one of Beary's High School classmates died onboard Flight 11 as it crashed into the World Trade Center, ESS again found it's services needed.  Mayo clinic needed data recovered from a damaged computer hard drive.

"It was on a hard drive that the Mayo clinic was using to keep track of the health status of the rescue workers," says Beary.

With all their big-name success, will ESS leave Carbondale?

"No, we're becoming a fixture in this town, and we have a good synergy here,"  says Beary.

ESS does all this with a staff of only 15, crammed into a small building, but they have plans to build a new place on the golf course in Carbondale to accomodate their growth.