Suspects Charged in Caruthersville Shooting, Robbery

Anthony Flint
Anthony Flint
James Thompson
James Thompson
Jack Owens
Jack Owens

Suspects Charged in Caruthersville Shooting, Robbery 
By: CJ Cassidy

CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. - Two Cape Girardeau men now face charges in connection with Wednesday's shooting and robbery at America's Cash Advance in Caruthersville.
Police say off-duty dispatcher Jack Owens wrestled with Anthony Flint and got shot in the process.
James Thompson was allegedly driving the getaway car.
Police say he's still in intensive care because the bullet punctured one of his lungs and shattered the bone in his left arm.
However, he's showing a lot of progress and folks in the area who lived through those terrifying moments say they're praying for his recovery as they try to get past their own fears.
"It was very scary.  Of course everybody started calling in and we heard what was going on, being a bank we immediately locked the doors for security," Leah Lawson said.
A bank employee, Lawson says she couldn't stop checking out the chaos next door at America's Cash Advance.
Police say 32-year-old Anthony Flint came in with a gun and demanded money.  When off-duty dispatcher Jack Owens tried to interfere, he ended up getting shot.
Police say 29-year-old James Thompson drove the getaway car.  But here's a twist, Owen's wife sat in the couple's car with their baby.  She saw the two men drive off and chased after them.
Turns out Mrs. Owens, who investigators call a gutsy lady, called 911 and then gave police a description of the car.
And that's not all, Leah Lawson says she saw that same car speeding off on her bank's surveillance cameras.
"That car looked exactly like the vehicle you had on your video after police stopped the suspects on I-55," Lawson said. " It was even rusted on the top.  It looked like the car!"
After their close call Lawson and area business owners say they're taking the time to figure out how to protect themselves.
"At lunchtime we usually have one employee here, while the rest of the crew go out for dinner.  That's not going to happen again.  Security is a big issue," said Lance Mansfield with  the Grizzly Jig Company.
"Hopefully with them being captured, justice will be served," Lawson said.
Court documents show officers found the gun flint allegedly used to shoot Owens in the trunk of that getaway car.
Court papers say the men confessed to the robbery and got away by jumping into the trunk of the car, parked behind the business and the bank.
Flint faces charges of 1st degree robbery, two counts of armed criminal action and 1st degree assault.
Thompson faces 1st degree robbery charges as well as armed criminal action charges.