School Battles Ringworm and Staph

School Battles Ringworm and Staph
By: Crystal Britt
CHAFFEE, Mo. - It's a health concern spreading through the halls of a local school, and your child's building faces the same risk.
In Chaffee, administrators are trying to stop the spread of both staph and ringworm. At this point it sounds pretty contained.  Right now, they have two confirmed cases of ringworm and three staph infections.  But, don't just think it's a Chaffee problem.  At the beginning of the school year school officials battled staph at Cape Central High.  Last year schools in Scott City and Poplar Bluff fought it.
"It seems like it's more prevalent all the time, they can pick it up at Walmart even so, it's out there everywhere," said School Nurse Diana Knutson.  It's now at Chaffee High School.
Principal Neil Glass found out early Wednesday morning that staph infections and ringworm are spreading.
"The faculty spent a total of six hours disinfecting the locker room," said Glass. 
The locker room is where they think it all started.  So everything including the football jerseys and pads are now sanitized.
"A few of our football players got it and they're getting treated and keeping everything wrapped up so no one else catches it," said Chaffee Senior Dylan McAlister.
It's kept the school nurse busy. She's never dealt with this before.
"I was very concerned of course," said Diana Knutson. 
The school is trying to quickly educate parents, letting them know what to look for, and why getting medical care is crucial.
"It's very contagious and they need to use precautions to get rid of it as best as they can," said Knutson.
Nurse Knutson says everyone has staph on their body, but it's a problem when there's an overgrowth.  It's spread from person to person through things like towels, uniforms and athletic equipment.
"We feel like we've got it under control.  We're doing the right things.  We've got Germ-X in every classroom," said Glass. "Kinda worried, but I think everything will be alright," said Dylan McAlister.
The Scott County Health Department is working with the school to make sure everything's handled properly.