Pool Problems Leave Swim Teams With Few Options

Pool Problems Leave Swim Teams With Few Options
By: Crystal Britt

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Monday morning a major problem was discovered at Central Pool. "Both the pump and the motor are out," said Patrick Watson, the aquatics supervisor. 
Watson says keeping the pool open would be a health hazard.
"Within two to three days it would look like pea soup in here because the chemicals couldn't do their job.  If we have people in the pool they're going to get sick, infections stuff like that," said Watson.  They're draining the pool for the second time since the bubble went up right after Labor Day.
Dayna Powell's the head coach of the boys and girls swim teams at Cape Central High School.  It's week five of the boy's season.  They're scheduled to host a meet at Central Pool next week, then the Cape Rock Invitational the first week in October.
"It's really become one of the best meets in the state and people know it, so to have to cancel it on the fourth year some coaches I know it disrupts their schedule and what they're doing and you don't want to see that happen to anybody," said Powell. 
It's the same story for Steve Franklin and his team, the Gators.
"For us, it's the beginning of our fall season.  We have a swim meet in two weeks, less than two weeks.  Without a pool we're not going to do very well," said Powell.
The Parks and Recreation Department wouldn't give an exact timeline on when the pool will re-open.  However, they're telling swim teams and the public it will likely be at least another two weeks.