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Bill Richardson (D) - Issues Stance*

Bill Richardson (D) - Issues Stance*

Iraq War
Bill Richardson has a seven point plan for the Iraq war. He wants Congress to pass a resolution de-authorizing the war, pull out all troops in about six months, remove all troops, promote an Iraqi Reconciliation Conference, work with all the Iraq's neighbors to promote peace and stability, convene a donor conference to fund Iraq's reconstruction, and redeploy some troops to Afghanistan to fight terrorism and stop the resurgence of the Taliban.

Richardson advocates that all Americans have the choice to keep their current coverage if they are satisfied with it. Under his place, all Americans would have personal responsibility to obtain coverage. He suggests streamlining health care administration and investing in prevention to save billions of dollars. Richardson says he will work to improve quality of care.

Richardson says No Child Left Behind should be scraped. He says schools should received appropriate funding and not be forced to accept a one size fits all program. He says teacher salaries should be raised to a nationwide average of $40,000. Richardson says every state should be encouraged to offer voluntary prekindergarten for every four-year-old child. He opposes private school tuition vouchers and wants to expand the number public charter schools. Richardson says high schools should be redesigned to provide personalized training, smaller schools, dual enrollment options, a curriculum with real-world connections, and more collaboration. He wants to promote parental involvement and reduce dropout rate. Bill Richardson says college grants and loan options should be expanded to make college more accessible.

Richardson wants to secure the border by hiring and training enough patrol guards to cover the entire border. He wants to establish a "reasonable" path to legalization for many of those already here. Richardson says this would include a background check, requirements to learn English, pay back taxes and fines for being in the country illegally. Richardson also calls for a crack down on immigration fraud and illegal workers as well as a crack down on employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers. He also wants to work with the Mexican government and nations through Latin America to reduce illegal immigrants. Richardson says the number of legal immigrants allowed into the U.S. Should be increased.

Energy and Global Warming
Richardson calls for cutting oil demand in half by 2020. He wants to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 90 percent. He wants to create new efficiencies and energy sources in the electrical sector. Richardson supports mandatory worldwide limits on global warming. Richardson wants to work to restore the Clean Water Act and encourage recycling.

Richardson says as president he would create a "heroes Health Card" that would provide veterans with the healthcare they need. He says he would take immediate steps to correct conditions at Walter Reed. He wants to expand research into prosthetics and other medical technology. Richardson says he would make sure the GI bill is adequately funded.

First Responders
Bill Richardson says he wants to institute collective bargaining for essential public employees, bridge the "healthcare gap" for retired profession firefighters and police officers, allow workers to be free to unionize, and establish a national firefighters' survivors fund.

Richardson is pro-choice and says he will continue to support abortion rights and medical privacy for women. He supports affirmative action and calls for employers to report pay data by job classification, gender, and race.

Richardson says as president he would fight for full and equal right for all domestic partner, including gay and lesbian families. He says he would end the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

Richardson supports net neutrality and says as president he would keep the Internet free and open.

*Richardson has ended big for presidency. 

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