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West Frankfort, IL

Student Faces Assault Charge After Teacher Hit in Head

Khristipher Cook Khristipher Cook
Dan Miner Dan Miner

Student Faces Assault Charge After Teacher Hit in Head
By: Arnold Wyrick

WEST FRANKFORT, Ill. - A West Frankfort Community High School student got very upset Friday afternoon, over something going on in his classroom.  Police say 18-year-old Khristipher Cook picked up a desk and threw it at his teacher.

Teacher Dan Miner received head injuries in the attack and had to be taken to Herrin Hospital and later flown to Saint Louis University for further treatment.

Cook is one of Miner's behavioral disorder students.

Principal John Hixson wouldn't say exactly what prompted Cook's violent outburst.

"They may get upset that they're not learning it as quick as they should or something along those lines.  However it's not normal to assault a teacher," Principal Hixson said.

Police caught up with Cook a short time later walking along a street behind the high school.

His fellow classmates had their opinions about the incident.

"I think it was handled okay.  I mean it's really sad to hear what happened to the teacher, Mr. Miner.  I don't think it should have happened," said Rachael Poole.

"I thought it was kind of stupid.  I understand you know the kid didn't like the coach and everything.  But, he still shouldn't have done that," said Amanda Barney.

"Him being 18 he should know better than to do something like that.  But, he went and did it anyway.  And I told him just let it alone, ignore it.  I know how badly the teacher gets on his nerves," said Kristina Williams.

West Frankfort police felt the same way and arrested Cook, charging him with aggravated assault and criminal damage to government supported property.  Cook's bond is set at $50,000.  He was still behind bars in the Franklin County jail Monday.

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