Fred Thompson (R) - Issues Stance*

Fred Thompson (R) - Issues Stance*
Fred Thompson believes in a federalist government with limit federal government.  He says local authorities shoudl be able to apply their own ideas and use their own judgment.  He says too often state and local government has to answer to the federal government first before their own constituents. 
Iraq War
Thompson says the United States must be united as an American people and do whatever is necessary to prevail not only in Iraq but in the worldwide conflict that lies beyond Iraq
Thompson says federal leaders should do their job and secure the borders. 
Thompson says states, school districts, teachers, and parents should set their own policies and run their own schools.  He says the federal government should provide funding and set goals, but allow the states to find how to best meet those goals. 
Law Enforcement
Thompson believes criminal law is over federalized.  He says sometimes federal law enforcement can be at the expense of the state authority.  He says states should be responsible for dealing with crime.  He says crimes that happen across state lines and national border should be dealth with by the fedreal government.

*Fred Thompson has ended his bid for the presidency.