Family Speaks About Loved One's Death at VA Hospital

Family Speaks About Loved One's Death at VA Hospital
By: Crystal Britt
MARION, Ill. - After the VA Medical Center in Marion, Illinois suspended all in-patient surgeries due to an increase in the number of deaths, a local woman speaks out about how her family member recently died there.
It's difficult to talk about, and the scars are far from healed. She doesn't want to be identified in order to protect her family. We're calling her "Lynn".  "He shouldn't have died, it never should have happened," said Lynn.
She's from southeast Missouri and says it all started last month when her brother-in-law fell.  A couple of days later, he got really sick.  His wife rushed him to the emergency room at the VA Medical Center in Marion.
"He was in so much pain they gave him double doses of morphine.  The next morning they decided to do emergency surgery.  He was in surgery for two hours. The doctor came out and said it went fine, within an hour he was dead," Lynn said. 
It was an obvious shock to the family. "We thought it was serious, but didn't think it was something he would die from," she said. 
An even tougher blow, finding out about the current investigation at the hospital as to why so many people died following certain surgeries.
While we don't know for sure whether the death of Lynn's brother-in-law is part of the investigation in Marion, her family is relieved to know something's being done. "May be it can keep it from happening to some other family."
There's been no official word on how many people have died.