YourTurn - 9/17/07

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Carol Schied from Perryville, Missouri:
"Have you seen the ad on TV featuring a name brand toilet paper?  Two bears are racing to the porta-potties and the background music is the Halleluiah Chorus?  Using Christian music offends me.  Perhaps if we stopped using their brand they would change their tune."
Brenda Mitchell from Harrisburg, Illinois:
"I lived in Southeast Missouri until six years ago...but after moving to Southern Illinois I tried other channels and none gave me the information and news from all the area as KFVS.  I know more of what is going on in Southern Illinois by watching KFVS than our local channels...I have been watching KFVS since I was a kid and plan to continue."
Shawn Morningstar from Cape Girardeau:
"I do understand and respect (Mike Smythe's) ViewPoint but I believe if you can die for your country in a war then you can drink any liquor you want on a military base.  The law for civilians not defending their country should still be 21.  But in America we do need to teach moderation...lowering the age (from 21) and holding people more responsible for their actions is the best way.
Jack Morrison from Fredericktown, Missouri:
"It is very important to observe work zone speed signs but many times...I have driven a mile or two during normal working hours...only to find no workers around at all.  If they are not working take the signs down so when they are up people will know workers are present."

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