Poplar Bluff Family Nurses Dog Back to Life

Poplar Bluff Family Nurses Dog Back to Life
By: Ryan Tate
POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. - A Poplar Bluff family nurses a dog back to health after the dog struggles to live following abuse.
When Mary Ann Rathe first saw the dog it was curled up in a flower pot, starving to death, full of worms, no hair from mange, and two back legs tied with rope.  In fact, the rope started to grow into her skin and muscle.
"I have never seen a dog in this bad of shape," Rathe said.
So she and her family decided to save the dog, although some members of the family thought the dog would have to be euthanized.
"I gave her 24 hours to help her recover. Gave her food, bathed her, and showed her that she would not be abused," Rathe said.
Slowly but surely the dog recovered. The Rathe's hoped she would, which is why they named her "Hope."
"Wherever she goes, I want to be able to visit her. I love this dog," Rathe said. 
Hope will be available through the Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary in Cape Girardeau County.