Volunteers Weather Through Stormy Mission Trip

Volunteers Weather Through Stormy Mission Trip
By: Wes Wallace

DEXTER, Mo. - What started as a mission trip to Honduras, winded up being a lesson in meteorology for several members of the Dexter First Baptist Church.
"I was all set to catch this big hurricane on tape, and it turned out to be like a summer thunderstorm," said Don Kennedy.
Kennedy documents mission trips with several cameras and was ready for Hurricane Felix.
Kennedy and fellow church member Steve Comfort missed the brunt of Felix, but they say it did dump a lot of water at their work site near San Pedro Sula.
Felix did change their plans slightly.  Instead of going out to surrounding villages, they set up shop and opened a medical clinic and relief center where they were staying.
While the radars looked ominous for friends and family back home, the pair say the storm just broke up before it got to their location.
Kennedy and Comfort are no strangers to unexpected problems on mission trips.  Three years ago they had to deal with riots and rebel groups on a visit to Haiti.
They say it's all thanks to God and prayer that gets them safely through those times.