Bears More Visible Due to Cold Spring

Bears More Visible Due to Cold Spring
By: Ryan Tate
Conservation experts predict we might see more bears in southeast Missouri compared to year's past.  They point to the freezing temperatures of April as a main reason why.
"This year may see more bears because the frost killed a lot of the acorn crop," said A.J. Hendershott, the Regional Supervisor for the Missouri Conservation Department.
Bears feed on acorns.  With a the numbers of acorns down in 2007, Hendershott and other conservation experts predict we may see more bears feeding on garbage, bird feeders, and dog and cat food.
"Bears have a good sense of smell.  If they sense it, they'll go for it," Hendershott said.
If people feel bears are going through their property, feeding on things, Hendershott says you need to bring those things inside, away from the bears.
"The bears need to learn your house is not a good place for a meal.  If they don't, then the bear might end up in places you don't want them to be," Hendershott said.
He recommends calling the Conservation Department if you have a bear problem.