New Procedure Touted as Life-Saving Treatment

New Procedure Touted as Life-Saving Treatment
By: Wes Wallace

It's an experimental procedure and it's being touted as a lifesaver for Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett.
His doctors say they ran an ice cold saline solution through Everett's system.  It put him in a state of hypothermia and it helped decrease the chance of damage to the spinal cord.
Cape Girardeau Neurosurgeon Dr. Paul Tolentino says he's done research with animals on that very procedure.
Another Cape Girardeau Doctor Jim Bowen, addressed a group of coaches and athletic trainers at a "Coaches Clinic".
"Spinal cord injuries and collisions are nothing new.  they've been around since sports started," said Bowen.
That's why researchers are always looking for new ways to help treat those injuries.