SIU Chancellor Calls for Committee on Plagiarism Accusations

Glenn Poshard
Glenn Poshard

SIU Chancellor Calls for Committee on Plagiarism Accusations
By: Arnold Wyrick

CARBONDALE, Ill. - What started out as a plagiarism accusation in the campus newspaper story at Southern Illinois University has now involved virtually everyone from the chancellor on down through the faculty.
SIU's Chancellor Fernando Trevino called upon the faculty senate Tuesday to approve his proposal to form an independent review committee to look into plagiarism allegations against the university's president Glenn Poshard.
An anonymous group claims Poshard failed to properly accredit some of his work in his master and doctorial paper for his degrees.
"Doctor Poshard as we all know is a person who after graduation has achieved much personal success in his life.  He should not be treated more favorably because of that, nor should he be treated any less than anyone else before," said Chancellor Trevino.
Still some of the senate faculty members wanted clarification on exactly how the review would be handled by the committee.
"The facts are overwhelming that a high majority of plagiarism cases never come under the student conduct code.  Because they're always handled domestically, internally to the department.  In rare cases at the dean's level," said Professor Joseph Brown with the College of Liberal Arts.
That's exactly how Poshard's papers will be reviewed, as if he was still a student in the Department of Education and not the university president.
But, because he is there is some concern among faculty members as to how the general public is going to perceive the independent committee's actions.
"I'm concerned that if we lose focus and condemn the condemners we are going to be distracted from the main issue at hand.  And that will not help us any in dealing with the damage that has already been done to our school's reputation," said Professor Robert Benford College of Liberal Arts.
Chancellor Trevino called upon members of the faculty senate, faculty association and graduate council to provide him with names of people on campus to sit on the independent review committee.