Police Need Help Identifying Robbery Suspects

Police Need Help Identifying Robbery Suspects
By: Kathy Sweeney

NEW MADRID, Mo. - There's nothing better for police than a crime clearly caught on tape unless they have no idea who's on it.  That's why a New Madrid investigator called Heartland News so we can show you the video.

Sunday night about 8:05 a man wearing a gray T-shirt walked into Ramey Super Market. Just moments later a man in a dress shirt and tie walks in behind him.

"The first suspect comes by, walking towards where the office is in the store. And then just a few seconds later the second suspect comes back and follows him. As you can see in the video, he is the watch out, kindly eyeing the employee that was sweeping, kindly watching him to see where he goes to cover for the first suspect that actually does the robbery," said Captain Chris Henry with the New Madrid Police Department. "He is coming in the office here, shuts the door, and goes to work."

The store's new surveillance system caught the crime from nearly every angle and shows one of the suspects stuffing money in his pants.
Store manager Mark LaMont can't believe how quickly the thieves got away with the money.
"It's kind of a shock how easily they got into the office and was able to clean us out as fast as they did," LaMont said.
Ramey's been in New Madrid since the 1970s. Ten years ago they put in 16 cameras. After a big flood last fall and a major renovation, they doubled the number of cameras. They can now see the whole store and monitor it in New Madrid and at the corporate office in Springfield.
But, Captain Henry knows all the cameras in the world won't necessarily solve this crime.
"We don't know who they are, where they're from, but they apparently are not local because none of the employees knew who they were.  The police officers in this city do not know who they are," Henry said.
Both the suspects are black males with goatees. One is bald and wore a gray T-shirt. The other has close-cropped hair and was wearing a black shirt, black pants and a tie.
If you have any information contact the New Madrid Police Department at 573-748-5901.