Local Colon Cancer Study

Local Colon Cancer Study
By: Wes Wallace
PADUCAH, Ky. - One person dies from colon cancer every ten minutes.   Dr. Harry Carloss, a Paducah oncologist, says that statistic could change dramatically if more people had early cancer screenings.
However, because of cost, discomfort, and other factors, more than half of all Americans who need to get a colonoscopy don't get one.
Dr. Carloss heads up a local cancer study focusing on the disease that's spread outside the colon.  Right now, he says there aren't any cures and is focusing on a treatment that involves target therapy to stop the spread of cancer.
If you'd like to take part in that study, you must have already received treatment for the spread of colon cancer.  You can contact Dr. Carloss at his office in Paducah at (270) 441-4343.
Some warning signs of colon cancer include pain in the belly, blood in your stool or very dark stools, and a change in your bowel habits (such as more frequent stools or a feeling that your bowels are not emptying completely).