Entire Soccer Team Gets Trapped in an Elevator

Entire Soccer Team Gets Trapped in an Elevator
By: CJ Cassidy

It's a story the Cape Central soccer team will talk about for years.
The entire team got trapped in a mall elevator for more than half an hour over the weekend.
When you get on an elevator there's usually a sign telling you how many people the car can hold and turns out that number's there for a reason.
"For a lot of people who know the soccer team they know we're a bunch of jokers.  We knew there was a chance something could go wrong and it didn't really bother us," 18-year-old soccer player Mike Alberson said.
Still, Alberson adds finding yourself trapped in an elevator with 27 others isn't fun for long; especially when you're there for 40 minutes!
"We all started getting hot, and kind of aggravated - getting onto each other about stuff.  We were crammed pretty bad, and up against all the walls everyone was pretty close to each other," he said.
Alberson took pictures of the soccer players and their coaches with his cell phone camera.
"I thought maybe it would get into the yearbook," he said.
An audience also gathered outside the glass elevator at Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters, Missouri, to watch the trapped tigers roar for help.
So what were the people outside doing?
"They were mainly pointing and laughing, and we were waving and posing for pictures," Alberson said.
When head coach Tom Doyle was asked why they all got into the elevator together he said, "We were all going to the same place altogether.  Besides we went down earlier with no problems, and we would not have been in the elevators if the escalators had been working. "
Doyle says he tried calming down a couple of players who appeared claustrophobic.
But finally, to everyone's relief fire crews pulled them out to safety through the top of the jammed elevator.
"We lowered a ladder and they just kept coming out of there.  It looked like a Shriner Circus with everybody coming out of a volkswagen beetle.  I couldn't believe they all fit in at the same time," Assistant Fire Chief Steve Brown said.
The Tigers tied their soccer match that evening, and Mike Alberson wonders if maybe all that pent up energy had something to do with it.
"We thought maybe we should get caught in an elevator before every game!" he joked.
The coaches say they'll probably check the weight limit the next time they get on an elevator, and fire crews say as a good rule of thumb, avoid getting on if you think you'll be uncomfortable or just catch the next one.