Deadly Shooting in Lilbourn

John Ervin
John Ervin

Deadly Shooting in Lilbourn
By: CJ Cassidy

LILBOURN, Mo. - A weekend shooting in Lilbourn claims the life of a 29-year-old man and leaves another behind bars on half a million dollars bond.
Investigators say 53-year-old Ricky Wilson shot 29-year-old John Ervin outside Wilson's home on Baehr Road following an argument earlier in the week.
The sheriff says both men had apparently been drinking Friday night.
"I didn't believe it.  I still don't believe it.  It doesn't seem real to me.  He was with me four hours earlier and when they told me I would never see him again, I don't know how people learn to deal with it; but I'll try to learn," John Ervin's wife, Rachel said.
She'll also have to learn how to tell her one and a half year old daughter Paisley her daddy's never coming back.
"She knows something's wrong.  She doesn't know what; hasn't asked for him yet.  I'll deal with that when it happens," Rachel said.
Investigators say Ricky Wilson shot John Ervin outside his home after midnight Friday, and asked neighbors to call 911.  Ervin died shortly after emergency crews took him away.
Meanwhile, deputies took Wilson and the shotgun he allegedly used into custody.
New Madrid County Sheriff Terry Stevens says a very similar incident took place at Wilson's home about nine years ago.  At the time a man named Everett Johnson forced his way into Wilson's home with a knife and Wilson shot him to death.  He didn't face any charges because Missouri law allows you to defend yourself inside your home.
Rachel Ervin says that's not how her husband died.
"He chased him down with a weapon. To me that's just cowardly," Rachel said.
Still, she does admit her husband didn't back down from a fight.
"He never would have pulled a weapon on him.  He never would have killed him," she said.
Meanwhile, Ricky Wilson's family says they will also pray for the Ervins, even as they pray for their son.  They'll pray to get past the violence that shattered the stillness in this usually quiet community.
John Ervin worked as a farmhand and lived in Lilbourn all his life.
Ricky Wilson's being held in the New Madrid County Jail facing second-degree murder and armed criminal action charges.