Gov. Blunt Signs Bridge Legislation

Gov. Blunt Signs Bridge Legislation
By: Associated Press & Crystal Britt

DEXTER, Mo. - Governor Blunt signed legislation Thursday in Dexter that supporters say will fast track more than 800 bridge improvements in the state.

"Every County in Missouri has at least one bridge in the 800 plus bridge improvement program," Gov. Blunt said.
Blunt said under the plan Missouri will speed repairs of its bridges by awarding a single 30-year contract to fix and maintain 802 of its worst bridges.
"We're quadrupling the pace of bridge repairs in Missouri," he said.  "Without this program it would take 20 years to make repairs, now we're looking at five years."
Lawmakers approved the new bill last week during a special session.
Missouri highway officials had outlined the bridge plan almost a year before the August 1st collapse of a Minnesota bridge killed 13 people. But Blunt said the tragedy brought more urgency to the issue.
The contractor that wins the job will be required to fix or replace the 802 bridges within five years, which would take two decades at the state's current pace of bridge maintenance.