Suicide Rate Increases Among Young Teens

Suicide Rate Increases Among Young Teens
By: Wes Wallace

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - There's some alarming numbers from the Centers for Disease Control.   Suicide rates for young girls ages 10-14 are on the increase.
"It's definitely a difficult time for that age group," said Dr. Mary Dillivan, a guidance counselor for Cape Central Junior High. "There's so much hitting them, it's hard for them to deal with."
With peer pressure, body imagine and fitting in all on the minds of young teens and pre teens, it's easy to see why there might be thoughts of suicide.
Karen Gleeson is another guidance counselor at Cape Central Junior High and says working in small groups and on self-esteem building can help with prevention.
Parents and students need to be aware of some of the warning signs, including changes in behavior and eating habits, as well as depression.