Cascade of Colors Hot Air Balloon Race Takes off

Cascade of Colors Hot Air Balloon Race Takes off
By: Lauren Keith
Despite the chance of showers Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the Cascade of Colors Hot Air Balloon Festival will go on.
The event features 20 hot air balloons this year.  It all takes place on the Southern Illinois Airport grounds near Carbondale.  There will be balloon races and rides, tents with food and wine vendors, numerous activities for families, and multiple bands playing.
Also on Saturday night there's a balloon glow about 7 o'clock.  That's where the balloons all fire up to choreographed music.  Those attending can walk along the balloons and take pictures as they light up the night sky.  You can also purchase hot air balloon rides. 
The Cascade of Colors has been on an eight-year break, but organziers say it was time to bring it back.  They promise it'll be bigger than before.
If you'd like to check it out, head to the Southern Illinois Airport this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.