House Fire Puts Six Out of Home

House Fire Puts Six Out of Home
By: Mike Shain

UNITY, Ill. - A long life of work leads to retirement, but that comfort ended Tuesday with a fire-gutted house.
A fire Tuesday afternoon in Unity, Illinois put six people out on the street including two kids who didn't have a home to come back to after school.
By some terms, it was not a big fire, but if the flames and smoke are coming from your home, then it's very big.

That's what awaited Erma and Willie Price when they returned home from Tamms Tuesday afternoon.  Their home was ablaze and yard full of firefighters.

But discouragement is not a word known to this home owner.
"I plan to live out here. Put something back out there. This is where I plan to live," said Willie Price.
Even though his home since retiring from Caterpillar is badly burned, family members describe Willie Price as a man who refuses to slow down or give up, despite age and poor health.
"We just thanking God that nobody was there, no life was taken," said Erma Price.
Erma and Willie Price count blessings despite their loss of home and belongings. They won't be homeless, thanks to a family they can count on in time of need.
"I have a brother and a sister. I've got nieces. We've got about five or six places we can move right in," Willie said.
The Price's house was also home to a daughter and niece. Each of them has a child.
Mr. Price lost a nephew Sunday. The young man was killed by a hit and run driver in Charleston.