State's Attorney Talks About Police Beating Investigation

State's Attorney Talks About Police Beating Investigation
By: Heartland News

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Ill. - The Williamson County State's Attorney talks about a police beating investigation for the first time Tuesday.
Derek Wynn, 24 of Herrin claims four off-duty police officers tried to attack him last month as he was leaving Chevy's Bar in Herrin.
State police handed over the results of the investigation to Williamson County State's Attorney Charles Garnati after wrapping up their investigation last week.
Garnati says he has not made a final decision about the case as to whether or not he's going to prosecute it or call in a special prosecutor.
He says he is taking it seriously.
"I want to make it very clear that I have always believed that no person is above the law. That includes police officers of any other law enforcement officials," Garanati said.
State's Attorney Garnati says he's still awaiting final results from the state's crime lab before he decides what charges to file in this case and against who to file those charges.
Two officers, one from Energy another from Williamson County, have been put on leave and another from Herrin resigned in the midst of this investigation.