New Wheels for Chopper Charlie

New Wheels for Chopper Charlie
By: Holly Brantley
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. -- A big surprise for a Southeast Missouri man injured in a hit and run accident.
Chris Jones of Advance, better known as "Chopper Charlie", is often seen riding his bike around town.
According to authorities, Jones was riding his bike August 24 when a vehicle driven by 26-year old Miranda Jordan hit his bike. Charlie ended up in the hospital, and his bike destroyed. But, thanks to the generosity of strangers, Charlie has a brand new bike.
Even with injuries, it didn't take long for Charlie to be off and riding.
"That's just Charlie," said Cassie Johnson.
David and Cory DeMaris of Poplar Bluff, Missouri saw "Chopper's" story on Heartland News and wanted to help.
"I thought it was a shame somebody would just leave him," said David DeMaris. "We had almost the same bike sitting here. The kids wouldn't ride it. So, I told my bike let's give it to him."
A local graphic artist even custom painted "Chopper Charlie" on the bike for free.
Early Sunday morning, The DeMaris's surprised Charlie with his brand new wheels.
"It's an awesome feeling," said Cory DeMaris.
"Just to see him smile is the reward," said David DeMaris.
As for "Chopper Charlie" he's already making plans for when he recovers: "I'm going to do some riding."
"I'm so grateful that there are people out there who are willing to do something for strangers," said Cassie Johnson, Chopper's friend.
Angela Taylor says she was the first to find Charlie after the accident. "I can't believe he looks as good as he does," Taylor said.
David DeMaris enjoys riding mountain bikes. Once "Chopper' fully recovers, he plans on driving up to advance for a ride.