Three Girls Missing After Mother Takes Them

Three Girls Missing After Mother Takes Them
By: Arnold Wyrick

When two people go through a divorce with kids involved, it can sometimes be ugly and scary.  The latter is playing out for one southern Illinois father as he waits and worries about when, or if, he'll see his three little girls again.
The girls, 10-year-old Mikayla, 7-year-old Madisin and 5-year-old Katie went missing on Saturday evening.  And according to police in Franklin County, their mother, 30-year-old Kathy Wells walked off with them that night.  Their father, Michael Davis recalls the last time he saw his daughters.
"I agreed to let them see their mother's parents in Mulkeytown, because they missed them and wanted to visit their grandma and grandpa.  They promised me that the kids wouldn't leave their sight," Davis said.
Davis says that was on Friday evening.  Then, sometime after that their mother, Kathy Wells stopped by her parents home to see her kids.
"Her mother told me that Kathy was arguing with them about wanting to take the kids somewhere.  And then she asked them if she could take them over to a mobile home on their property where she sometimes stayed.  That was on Saturday evening around 6 p.m.  Then her mother went over to check on them after a couple of hours and there was a note on the table saying they went for a walk," Davis said.
No one has seen Kathy Wells or the three little girls since.  But, Michael did hear from his ex-wife on Tuesday evening.
"She called me two nights ago.  And she blocked the number and was demanding that I get the divorce papers changed to where she could have the kids every other week.  And that I get the police off her back.  Then I could have the kids back," Davis said.
All the while he could only worry and wonder where his girls were and how they were doing.
"My ex-wife hadn't been keeping very good company.  She had a boyfriend that had recently assaulted her.  She has no income, nothing.  I'm worried about how she is feeding my kids, taking care of them.  Not knowing where they are is just sure panic," he said.
Police do believe that Kathy and the girls may still be in the southern Illinois region, because that phone call to Michael came from a cell phone and was picked up on by a tower in the Carbondale area.
If you have any information on the whereabouts of Kathy Wells or the three girls who may be traveling with her, you're asked to call your local police.