YourTurn - 9/3/07

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Terri Suell from Sikeston, Missouri:
"I think some of the laws (in Sikeston) are made up.  I received a summons for tall grass in the alley behind my house.  My house has a fence around it.  Why should I be responsible for the grass in the alley?  The city needs to worry about the serious things that are going on in town like shootings.  I am praying for this town, God know someone needs to."
Kevin Pierson from Gorham, Illinois:
"I was outraged to hear that a student (was) suspended for wearing a particular type of clothing to school.  I see nothing wrong with Confederate clothing...check your history and you will see that the blacks and whites fought together under the confederate flag...we have come a long way throughout the years (and) need to stop being childish."
Jeff Clark from Hiram, Missouri:
"Why does it take a bridge to fall down to the get the governor to order the (safety) inspection of our own (bridges)?"
Tracy Graves from Dexter, Missouri:
"We appear to pay high taxes in Dexter so I would like to know why we can't get a much needed traffic light at the four-way stop by the schools.  It is a nightmare trying to get out of parking lots after picking up my would be nice to see some of our tax dollars used for a light!"

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