Heartland Volunteers Continue Efforts in Gulf Coast

Heartland Volunteers Continue Efforts in Gulf Coast
By: Ryan Tate
Groups of people from the Heartland continue to lend a helping hand in the Gulf Coast two years after Hurricane Katrina made landfall.
Dennie Hinkle made three trips to the South, two of them came after the initial rush of volunteers made their way to the cities.  He noticed that their numbers continue to "taper off" despite all of the work that needs to be done.
"Most everybody has to go back into their lives. They cannot continue to go down there. I am retired, so I can help," Hinkle said.
Myron Taylor made two trips in the first six weeks after Katrina hit.  He made another four trips with his church after that.  And since then, he has made eight trips in a tractor trailer, pulling homes built in southern Illinois down to Shreveport, Louisiana.  His last trip was in April of 2007.
"Every time I go I see improvements," Taylor said. "You don't see blue tarps on the roofs. You see houses demolished and the debris taken away.  You see new growth in the country."
Both men say they hope to go back down to the Gulf Coast to help out in the near future.