Rudy Giuliani (R) - Issues Stance*

Rudy Giuliani (R) - Issues Stance*>

Iraq War
Rudy Giuliani believes setting an artificial timetable for withdrawal from Iraq now would be a mistake, because it would only embolden America's enemies.  He believes failure in Iraq would lead to a broader and bloodier regional conflict in the near future.  He says building an accountable Iraq will assist in reducing the threat of terrorism.  He also believes that winning the war in terror is "the great responsibility of our generation."

Rudy Giuliani wants to expand healthcare choice through tax code reform and assist low-income Americans in securing health insurance by coupling revenue sources.  He also wants to create quality and price visibility.  He says he would reform the medical liability legal system, reward states for innovative solutions, require the availibility of low-cost insurance options, streamline the FDA process, investing in information technology.  He also encourages expanded health savings accounts. 

He believes the important decisions for a student should be made by the parents. Rudy is also a strong supporter of school choice and believes it is one of the great civil rights issues of our time.   As New York mayor, he worked to reform the school system by increasing funding, hiring new teachers, abolished principal tenure, ended social promotion, and created a Charter School Fund.

Giuliani wants to control the nation's border by building the fence, both physical and high-tech, and institute BorderStat which would identify both effective enforcement strategies that demonstrate tangible results and areas of the border where we are failing so the failures can be immediately corrected.  He wants to identify all non-citizens entering and exiting the country by issuing a biometric ID card, creating a national database of foreigners, and identify those who have left the country with the biometric ID card system.  He says all illegal aliens who commit felonies should be deported.  He says all immigrants should be required to read, write, and speak English.

Giuliani's plan to move toward energy indepenence includes using ethanol and bio-fuels, renewable energy, expand the use of clean, affordable, and safe nuclear power, commercialize clean coal technologies, use clean-burning natural gas, expand environmentally-responsible access to the proven oil and natural gas reserves throughout North America, encourage future technologies, engage in efficiency and conservation, and develop EnergyStat to track key energy indicators to measure our progress toward energy independence.

Homeland Security
Rudy Giuliani wants to empower first responders by expanding disaster training, encourage better coordination and planning, and creating ReadyStat to measure what kind of prevention and response capabilites are needed.  He wants to transform FEMA, decentralize the Department of Homeland Security, and provide need based support the local entities. 

Giuliani says as president he would lower marginal tax rates, commit to ending the Death Tax, prevent an unprecedented tax increase, tie the alternative minimum tax to inflation, and ensure lower, more competitive corporate tax rates.  He says he also encourages expanding tax-free savings accounts.

Rudy Giuliani supports reasonable restrictions on abortion such as parental notification with a judicial bypass and a ban on partial birth abortion, except when the life of the mother is at stake. He encourages adoptions as an alternative to abortion.  He believes abortion is a deeply personal moral dilemma, and people of good conscience can disagree respectfully.

Rudy Giuliani believes marriage is between a man and a woman. He does not and has never supported gay marriage. He believes in equal rights under law for all Americans.  He supports domestic partnerships that provide stability for committed partners in important legal and personal matters.

Giuliani's 12 Commitments to the American People
1. I will keep America on offense in the Terrorists' War on us.
2. I will end illegal immigration, secure our borders, and identify every non-citizen in our nation.
3. I will restore fiscal discipline and cut wasteful Washington spending.
4. I will cut taxes and reform the tax code.
5. I will impose accountability on Washington.
6. I will lead America towards energy independence.
7. I will give Americans more control over and access to health care with affordable and portable free-market solutions.
8. I will increase adoptions, decrease abortions, and protect the quality of life for our children.
9. I will reform the legal system and appoint strict constructionist judges.
10. I will ensure that every community in America is prepared for terrorist attacks and natural disasters.
11. I will provide access to a quality education to every child in America by giving real school choice to parents.
12. I will expand America's involvement in the global economy and strengthen our reputation around the world.

*No longer running for president.