Buildings Need Repair on SIU Campus

Buildings Need Repair on SIU Campus
By: Arnold Wyrick

CARBONDALE, Ill. - When you take a look around the Southern Illinois University campus in Carbondale, you might notice a similarity in many of the buildings.   Not only were many of them built in the 50's and 60's but they all have flat roofs.
Now those roofs are beginning to show their age.
"Many of these buildings are 30 years old and universities around the country as here at SIU are having trouble coming up with the money to provide major repairs such as roofs and other things," said Rod Sievers of SIU's Media Relations.
Currently the university is behind on it's deferred maintenance program to the tune of $400 million.  The State of Illinois kicks in around $1.6 million annually to help out with repairs on the campus.
"There is limited money for maintenance.  And so priorities have to be established.  And that's pretty much how they decide what gets fixed," Sievers said.
From the outside looking in, the buildings on the SIU campus don't appear to be falling apart.  But, what do students think about their surroundings?
"I think they're alright they're up to my standards.  I'm in the College of Business here, and that building seems to suit me pretty well.  So, I haven't had too many complaints," said Kyle Strehlaw.
"To my knowledge they're no problems.  But, the bathrooms maybe need to be up to date.  But, you don't spend too much time in there anyway," said Heather Rollo.
Some of the buildings on campus are showing their age in other ways.
"A lot of these buildings were built before computers, so some of the electrical lines may not hold up to the 'high-tech' equipment that's in some of these buildings.  So sometimes that has to be renovated or fixed, like I said these buildings are 30 to 40 years old,"Sievers said.
At this time the university leaders are looking into other funding sources in order to try and get caught up on the campus's deferred maintenance program.