Nutrition Knowledge

Nutrition Knowledge
By: Wes Wallace
You probably hear or read stories from Heartland News about the latest scientific study on food and your health.  
Registered Dietician Raina Childers reminds us most of those are preliminary studies, and it's important to wait for more research to back up those claims.
Whether it's getting more Vitamin D, eating a lot of blueberries, or taking extra supplements, there are reports out there about healthy choices.
"If you stick to your basics, like fruits and veggies, lean meats and fish, plus whole grain foods, then you're doing the right thing," Childers said. "If you have a high calorie intake, don't exercise, smoke, and don't drink enough water, then getting a lot of certain nutrients or otherwise beneficial items won't help you."
Childers recommends consulting with a registered dietician about any questions you might have about your food choices.