Joe Biden (D) - Issues Stance

Joe Biden (D) - Issues Stance

Iraq War
Joe Biden encourages bringing the troops home without leaving chaos behind by maintaining a unified Iraq by federalizing it and giving Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis breathing room in their own regions. 
He has proposed a five point plan for Iraq.
1. Establish One Iraq, with Three Regions
2. Share Oil Revenues
3. Convene International Conference, Enforce Regional Non-Aggression Pact
4. Responsibly Drawdown US Troops
5. Increase Reconstruction Assistance and Create a Jobs Program
Biden's healthcare plan includes developing a comprehensive plan for full coverage of every American within six months.
  1. Reduce the cost of healthcare by focusing on prevention, improving the management of chronic diseases, investing in information technology, requiring uniform billing and claims, negotiating for prescription drugs, meeting the needs for new health professionals, and training public health workers.
  2. Cover all children by expanding the State Children's Health Insurance Program to at least 300 percent of the federal poverty level ($61,950 for a family of four), extend coverage to age 21, emphasize wellness and prevention, expand Medicaid.
  3. Lower healthcare coverage for employers and provide catastrophic coverage by allowing small business pools to utilize this reinsurance pool and establishing a federal reinsurance pool to reimburse employers.
  4. Encourage reform in the insurance industry.
Joe Biden's education plan includes fixing No Child Left Behind, keeping drugs out of schools, improving school safety, combating sexual assault on campuses, modernizing schools, fighting for equal opportunities for all children, building better schools, reducing class size, improving writing, increasing teacher pay, and keeping kids safe after school.  As president Biden says he will make two years of pre-k available to all parents and expand early childhood development programs.  Biden's College ACCESS plan would provide a refundable tax credit that would cover the average cost of tuition and fees at a two-year college and cover more than half the cost of tuition and fees at a public four-year college.
Energy and Environment
Biden encourages increased fuel efficiency of vehicles by raising fuel economy standards and investing in new super-efficient technology.  He supports increasing the use of renewable resources by requiring new vehicle to flex-fuel vehicles, requiring major gas stations to sell alternative fuels, and increasing the amount of farm grown fuel.  He also wants to invest in new technology, increase the use of renewable energy, and require the federal government to be more energy efficient.
To protect the environment, Biden says he will focus on climate change, lead the world forward, reduce power plant emissions, make vehicles more fuel efficient, protect Alaska's wildlife, make polluters pay for cleanup, and defend clean air and water.
Homeland Security
Joe Biden recommends implementing the 9/11 Commission recommendations and investing in law enforcement.

For $10 billion a year over the next five years Biden says the U. S. could:
  • screen 100 percent of cargo containers coming into our ports,
  • better protect our chemical facilities,
  • improve air cargo screening,
  • make sure that our first responders can talk to one another in emergencies,
  • hire 1,000 more FBI agents,
  • hire 50,000 more local cops, and
  • create local counter-terrorism units in our large cities to stop home-grown plots
Biden's Medicare plan includes strengthening the Medicare part D prescription drug program, stabilizing Medicare reimbursement formulas, promoting breast cancer screening, ensuring providers are available to Medicare patients, allowing Medicare patients to participate in clinical trials, opposing arbitrary limits on services, protecting against genetic non-discrimination, and preserving Medicare for retirees.
Joe Biden says America's veterans should be honored and celebrated.  He proposes  improved healthcare for those injured in service by ensuring veterans are treated in the best facilities, securing family involvement and stability for injured soldiers, adequately screen and treat TBI and PTSD, and imrove care.  He calls for reform in handling disability claims and providing assistance with job placement and educational services.
Biden is pro-choice.  He supports Title X, the nations' family planning program.
Biden supports letting states determine how to recognize civil unions and define marriage.  He supports reexamining federal laws to make sure they don't discriminate against same sex couples.  He believes couples should not be discriminated against because of sexual orientation.  Biden opposes the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.
Social Security
Biden believes Social Security must be protected against privatization.