Free for All to Ride at SIU

Free for All to Ride at SIU
By: Arnold Wyrick

CARBONDALE, Ill. - For the first time since the Women's Night Safety Transit service started on the Southern Illinois University campus, male students will now get to use the service too.
"The service was originally designed to provide transportation to students from off campus residential locations to an on campus facility, and then take them home," said Todd Sigler Director of Public Safety.
Female students were the only ones who could use the service until this semester.  Although everyone paid for it over the past 20 years in their student fees.
"I think it's a good idea.  I think anybody can get into trouble at night, it's better to have safety," said Kaitlen Foglesong.
Many male students agree they too should be included in the free ride program.
"I think so.  We've had a few incidents in Carbondale in the past year, a couple of stabbing's and shooting thing like that.  It would be better to keep students safe and off the street at night," said Brian Mosley.
There are some other changes coming in the service as the Department of Public Safety takes over the program and dispatches the drivers to students in need.
But, there will be no more free rides to the strip or other unauthorized locations.
"We don't want students to misuse the service because if they do they're going to take it away from some other student who does really need it at that time," Director Sigler said.
Uniformed SIU Police officers will be behind the wheel and the department has added a van in order to carry more students to their destinations.