Hit and Run Leaves Man Badly Injured

Hit and Run Leaves Man Badley Injured
By: Wes Wallace

ADVANCE, Mo. - A man well known around the town of Advance recovers from a hit and run accident.
It happened early Friday morning on Vine Street in Advance when a vehicle hit the man on a bicycle and drove off.
His name is Chris Jones, but he's known around town as "Chopper Charlie."
The hit and run left Jones with pretty serious injuries.
"Something like that don't happen around here often," said William Hancock, Jones' friend.
As William Hancock rides his bike around Advance, he's reminded of what happened to his friend known as "Chopper Charlie."
"He's a nice guy as long as I've known him," Hancock said.
According to investigators, Chris Jones or "Chopper Charlie" was riding his bike along Vine Street sometime after 2 a.m. Friday when a vehicle driven by 26-year-old Miranda Jordan hit Jones' bike.
What's left of the bike is a bent front tire, broken handle bars and a pedal that was scraped across the road.
Officers arrested Miranda Jordan and prosecutors charged her with leaving the scene of an accident and causing injury, which is a felony.
Meanwhile, lots of people in Advance are talking about what happened.
"When I see him, I just go around him. He minds his own business and just rides his bike," said Carol Coffee.
Folks in town say everyone knows him and keeps an eye out for "Chopper Charlie."
"He's well known, he rides his bike up and down the streets and the cars keep a look out for him, you just know him," Coffee said.
Chris Jones was taken to St. Francis Medical Center where he spent time in the intensive care unit.  He's now out, but still recovering from several surgeries.
An officer on the case says the investigation continues.