YourTurn - 8/27/07

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Jennifer Rogers from Advance, Missouri:
"What is the deal with the general public bashing the American Pit Bull Terriers?  I am a responsible owner of a pit bull and have no problems (with) him.  I have been around several who are all good dogs...people need to read up on the information (available about pit bulls)...and take a good look at themselves before passing judgment."
Jimmy White from Cairo, Illinois:
"Something that bothers me is the word 'kid.'  The dictionary (says) it has something to do with a goat....the whole media uses the word kid when referring to God's gift, our children.  Why can't we (call) our gift 'children?'"
Heartland viewer Jim Rarrick:
"I am an over the road trucker and often stop at stores to supply my refrigerator.  Apologies for the drivers that cannot read and (illegally park). I have driven for 27 years and do not park in ‘no parking' zones but lately I have seen several trucks in front of (no parking) signs. It disturbs me..."
Jason Ray of Carbondale, Illinois:
"I have heard the phrase ‘start seeing motorcycles' is hard to see a motorcycle when it is weaving in and out of traffic and often times doing 15 to 30 miles faster than the posted speed limit!  Motorcyclists need to slow down and OBEY the traffic laws...there would be (fewer) accidents."

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