New Kind of Knee Replacement Surgery

New Kind of Knee Replacement Surgery
By: Wes Wallace

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - More than a half million Americans undergo knee replacement surgery each year, and there's a new procedure that could have them up and running faster than before.
"It's called the OtisKnee procedure, and it means a shorter surgery, less rehabilitation, and less time away from work," said Dr. William Kapp.
Dr. Kapp performed the surgery on Coop Dirnberger's left knee a few months ago.  He did the old procedure on the right knee last September.
"I had a lot of pain with the first surgery and much less on the second," said Dirnberger. "I can really feel a difference in my knees."
The new method involves taking an MRI of the knee, so an exact replacement can be created.  In the past, pre-made knee parts were used that weren't always an exact fit.
Dr. Kapp does the operation at both St. Francis Medical Center and Southeast Hospital.  Cape Girardeau is only the third city to start performing the new knee replacement surgery.