Upper Midwest Flood Waters Head to Heartland

Upper Midwest Flood Waters Head to Heartland
By: Ryan Tate

Heavy rains and flood waters in the Upper Midwest will send a wall of water to the Heartland.

Forecasters believe it could be ten feet high when it reaches St. Louis and southeast Missouri.  Right now the river is at 13.5 feet in Cape Girardeau.
The river could get as high as 23 feet by next week, which is still well below the flood stage.
The rising waters come as a relief to the operators at the SEMO Port, which normally deals with low waters this time of year.
"It's a little bit of relief.  Unfortunately, it is at the expense of the people up north," Dan Overbey said.  Overbey is the Executive Director of the SEMO Port.
The rising waters come at the right time for farmers who are about to harvest some crops because of the drought conditions.
"Farmers are suffering from the drought. They will bring their corn to the Port earlier than normal.  With the rising waters, it helps.  Unfortunately, it's at the expense of people in the North," Overbey said.
Without the rising waters, Overbey says some of the operations at the port would be in a "world or hurt."