Business Scam Scare

Business Scam Scare
By: Wes Wallace

POCAHONTAS, Mo. - One of the latest scams to hit the Heartland starts in Cape Girardeau County, stretches to London, England, and then reaches all the way to Burundi, Africa.
"They contacted us, wanting nearly 10,000 dust masks," said Lori Reid.
Lori and her husband Terry run Billy Joe Glove Company, a safety supply business.  Most of their customers are here in the U.S. and their latest client claimed ties to Missouri as well.
"We did some research and found out there wasn't a company by that name in Springfield, but that wasn't the first red flag," said Lori.
A fake business, a big order, and the fact the alleged customer used multiple credit cards tipped off the Reids that something wasn't right.
Apparently there's a middle man who covers shipping in London, England, and then he sends the merchandise on to Burundi, Africa.  What happens next is anyone's guess.
Stolen credit cards are used for the transactions, and then the product supplier could also lose money too.
Luckily, the Reid's caught on to the scheme before they were scammed.