Two Students Receive Perfect ACT Scores

Two Students Receive Perfect ACT Scores
By: Wes Wallace
CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, Mo. - Ask any high school senior about the ACT Exam, and they'll tell you it's important to do well to get into college and get scholarship money.

So what are the odds of two students from the same county, testing in the same room, and they end up making the perfect score of 36?  Pretty slim.

However, that's exactly what Zach Dumey of Jackson High School and David Westrich of Notre Dame did!
"It's really exciting and quite and accomplishment,'  said David, "I hope it means I'll get more money from the schools where I apply."
"I couldn't believe it, but I'm very thrilled I made a 36," added Zach.
The two are only six students in Missouri who made the 36 on the June testing date.  Only 177 kids in the nation made the perfect score.