Heat Forces Some Heartland Schools to Dismiss Early

Heat Forces Some Heartland Schools to Dismiss Early
By: Crystal Britt
ULLIN, Ill. - School's back in session, and until things cool down schools without air-conditioning or limited A.C. have to make sure kids don't get too hot.
Class dismissed early on Wednesday at Century Schools in Ullin, Illinois. Air-conditioning problems caused some parts of the school to heat up.
"I wasn't surprised as hot as it is that people's air hasn't broke down more than it has especially at school," said Taffy Halborsen, mother of two. 
Administrators didn't want to take any chances, so school let out early. It's something many parents appreciate.
"It's not always safe for the kids to get this hot, especially when you have 20 some days over 90 degrees, it's always nice," said Marsha Ashby. 
At the Cape Girardeau School District, there's been no early dismissals so far this year due to the heat. 
"Fortunately, here as long as our A.C.'s working we don't have that problem," said Dr. David Scala, the Cape Girardeau Superintendent of Schools. 
All nine schools have air conditioning, but just imagine the utility bills at the end of the month.
"You have to budget based on a certain amount from year to year how much use, but you can't always count on the fact that you're going to have an extra hot summer," said Scala. 
The only way to offset that is hope for a mild winter.  Otherwise, the district will just have to find a way to make it work.