Carbondale Passes Sales Tax

Carbondale Passes Sales Tax
By: Holly Brantley
CARBONDALE, Ill. - Late Tuesday night, Carbondale city leaders voted in favor of a half cent sales tax.  The current tax of 7.25 percent will be raised to 7.75 percent.
The increase is expected to generation $2.3 million dollars a year.  Part of the money will go toward public safety renovations.  Meanwhile, $20 million dollars will eventually go toward funding of the Saluki Way.  The project includes renovating the SIU Arena and football stadium. Student fees and private donations have already covered a good portion of the project.
The issue brought out a room full of citizens who spoke both for and against the measure.
The increase will be added to general merchandise.  Big ticket items like cars and trucks are excluded, along with medicine and groceries.