Police Say Bank Robbery Suspects Concocted Bomb Hoax

Police Say Bank Robbery Suspects Concocted Bomb Hoax
By: CJ Cassidy

Heartland News has learned new details on a bank robbery in Lilbourn we first told you about on Friday.
Police say the three suspects in that case stayed quite busy before they even got New Madrid County.
Police say it all began in Cape Girardeau with a series of bomb threats.
One of the targets was the Cape Girardeau Police Department. 
Heartland News does not report bomb threats and police say that's just as well, because the suspects wanted people to panic.  Instead, their plan backfired.
Six targets within a five-mile radius of each other would put police on high alert.  That's what they faced Friday; bomb threats targeting the police department, post office, Montessori school, middle school, high school and even a retirement community.
But investigators say the three suspects didn't really have it all figured out.
"Some of our detectives automatically started thinking there was something else going on.  They got out they went to specific banks that have had issues in the past," said Sgt. Barry Hovis with the Cape Girardeau Police Department.
That's when the suspects allegedly realized their mistake.
"They felt like the heat was too heavy for them in Cape so they decided to go elsewhere," said Sheriff Terry Stevens in New Madrid County.
Fast forward to the bank of New Madrid in Lilbourn.
After the alarm sounded there, local, state and federal investigators rushed to the scene, and managed to hunt down two of the three men.
A Scott County canine sniffed out the third suspect hidden in some bushes about four hours later.
Sheriff Stevens says it's clear these men thought they had a plan, but it turned out police had a better one.
"Just because it's a small town doesn't mean there's not a law enforcement presence there," Stevens said.
The three suspects are Keith Moon, 18, Darnell Moon, 19, and Lance Lewis, 21, all of Cape Girardeau.
They are being held on $150,000 cash bond in New Madrid County, and will be in court next month.