Hurricane Brews Up Work for Travel Agents

Hurricane Brews Up Work for Travel Agents
By: Wes Wallace

With more then 50 customers in the Caribbean and Mexico in the last week, travel agents at Elite Travel Inc., & Cruises kept an eye on Hurricane Dean and an ear on the phone.
"We were really busy over the last week or so," said Carolyn Kempf. "We acted quickly and assumed the worst."
Kempf and the rest of her staff were in contact with clients, making alternate plans for those in the path of the strong storm.
"Our customers were very well taken care of," said Kempf. "I was supposed to be in Mexico myself, but I stayed to help with all the changes."
Kempf says this is a great example of why travel insurance and travel agents can help in an emergency, without leaving you stranded or out thousands of dollars.