Fitness in a Flash

The following is printed information from Personal Trainer Shawn Taylor at Fitness Plus gym in Cape Girardeau.  Shawn demonstrated some of these moves "live" on Tuesday's Breakfast Show.  You can click on the video link and watch it again.  Here's Shawn's advice for finding time to work out in a hurry.  He calls it "Fitness in a Flash."
Running short on time?   This could be the best problem you could have.  If 30 minutes are all you have to get in that heart pounding, calorie burning session, GREAT!!!   The key here is perfect time management. 
Pros of the 30 minute body blast
  • You're more focused: Get in.  Get changed and get going!
  • You're more intense:  You push harder for a shorter period of time. 
  • You‘re more decisive:   select (2) 15 minute exercises or (1) 30 minute cardio machine and Voi La today's session is complete.   
You realize you only have a short time to devote to your session so you keep you conversations short, you change quickly and you don't dawdle around.  For some, this is the best way to go because they get in and get it done quickly and get back to their day.  The feeling is very rewarding because you got in a great workout and now enjoying that that endorphins release. 
For those of you who are a bit more experienced in the gym and would like a little more structure, perhaps the following would suit you better.
The prince of the 30 minute workout is the Superset, two exercises back to back without a break.
Take a few minutes to stretch out your hamstrings, quads, calves and back.  Then get started.  Now the key here is to make smooth transitions from one exercise to the next.
6 great exercises to be used for the Fitness in a Flash routine:


3 sets each & items needed

#of repetitions

Power springs/ standing oblique twists

6-8 lbs. medicine ball


Power Cleans/lat flyes

5-10 lbs. dumbbells


Step overs /Sumo Squats

 Step deck w/2-3 risers


Alternating Lunges /standing military press

5-10 lbs. dumbbells


Upright rows/ bent over rows

5-10lbs. dumbbells


Standing oblique bends/crunches

10-15 lbs. dumbbells


Be sure and stretch out at the end of the routine and get in a great meal,  and that's Fitness in a Flash!  You have the plan and the tools, now let's make it happen! 
The Heartland's Fitness Guy, Shawn Taylor