Good Problem for SEMO

Good Problem for SEMO
By: Holly Brantley
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. --Southeast Missouri State University's Board of Regents met Monday to discuss plans for growth.
This year, record numbers of students moved into the dorms on campus. University officials say this has been one of the best years for enrollment.
"As of today we have 1,815 new freshman compared with over 1,500 last year," said Dr. Dennis Holt, Vice-President of Admissions and Enrollment Management.
In fact, about 14 students were deferred until the spring semester.
Holt says to support the growing numbers, they need to find a way to house 350 to 400 more students.
All options explored include building new facilities, but they want to do more than just add space.
"We want to develop learning communities on campus," said Holt.
One plan would involve turning current Greek housing into learning communities. That would mean building a new Greek village.
Another option would build a residence hall south of Vandiver. Location, student retention, and cost as key as leaders weigh the options.
School leaders have discussed plans with residential life, and Greek Housing representatives. President Ken Dobbins says they hope to have a plan in place this fall, and possibly open a new facility in 2009.