Seven Year Old Becomes Guinness World Record Holder

Seven Year Old Becomes Guinness World Record Holder
By: CJ Cassidy

KENNETT, Mo. - Imagine finding out your child has set a world record without even trying!!
A Kennett family says that's what happened to them.
Seven-year-old Max Mobley's been cracking and spinning ropes since he began walking, but he never thought it would come to anything more than "something fun to do."
"My uncle he found the Guinness Book of World Records at Wal-Mart and he said I was in it and that was how i found I was in the Guinness Book of World Records," Max said.  
It turns out Max's tricks "roped in" the attention of a team of Guinness Book Records Managers, at a contest in Oklahoma, back in April.
He's listed as the Youngest Wild West Arts Competitor.
"It's kinda fun," he said.  "I haven't looked at anything else but these two pages!"
Well, modesty isn't really a requirement for a cowboy in training, but honesty, that's key.
Max's parents didn't expect to see their son featured in the Guinness Book of World Records, but now that he has, they're thrilled, and say they'll show it to anyone willing to take a look.
"It's hard to believe how many people will see that picture.  Hard to get your head around it.  It has a worldwide distribution," said Matt Mobley, Max's dad.  
For now, Max is happy to get back to his hobby.  After all, he's got to practice and defend his title or his four-year-old sister just might snatch it away from him next year.
Asked if he hopes that happens, Max said "No!"
He plans on showing off his book to his classmates during an up-coming show and tell event.