Parents, Police Fear for Runaway's Safety

Parents, Police Fear for Runaway's Safety
By: Carly O'Keefe

MURPHYSBORO, Ill. - Saturday marks one week since Paden Satterfield ran away from her Murphysboro home.  Paden's parents are at a loss.  They've posted fliers with her picture all over Jackson County and talked to everyone Paden knows, but still haven't found their 14-year-old daughter.
"We've gotten a lot of leads that have gone nowhere," said Paden Satterfield's mother, Rebecca Aukema.  "I feel like we're being useless.  I don't know where else to look for her."
Paden has family near St. Louis but they haven't seen or heard from her either.
"Her brother lives up in Edwardsville.  She's never not been in touch with him.  He's pretty beside himself, crying and shaking.  He thinks something happened to her because she hasn't called him yet," said Aukema.
Police have chased down lead after lead throughout the week, but even they can't seem to locate Paden.
"Today is a week since we took the report and we haven't been able to confirm anything or any leads.  We've had a lot of calls of people saying they've seen or know who she's with.  We've been to several people's houses and no one has seen her," said Deputy Tim Bishop with the Jackson County Sherriff's Department. 
Paden initially ran away early last Saturday morning.
"I told her she couldn't go to Warped Tour.  She's too young, so she decided to take off," Aukema said.
Now her parents fear a family disagreement may have lead Paden into danger.
"Tuesday afternoon I got this cold pit in my stomach and it hasn't gone away.  I'm afraid something bad has happened to her but I'm still hoping for the best," said Aukema.
Police believe Paden Satterfield may be in or heading toward Collinsville.  She is approximately 4' 8" tall, weighs about 100 lbs. and has dyed black hair.  Paden also has green eyes and three facial piercings.
If you think you've seen or know where Paden Satterfield is you're asked to contact the Jackson County Sheriff's Department at 618-684-2177.