Spray-Painting Vandals Strike Again

Spray-Painting Vandals Strike Again
By: Arnold Wyrick

MARION, Ill. - Graffiti is not the thing most business owners want to see when they drive up to their building in the mornings.  But,  for many Marion business owners they have no choice, the spray-painting vandals have tagged their buildings again.
And in some cases twice in the same week.  
The Marion Cultural and Civic Center is one of those tagged by the vandals.
"It's not the type of artwork that we wish to be displayed here at the civic center.  In fact, it's really a sad day when there's such disrespect for anyone's property, that they would do that to their buildings," said the Director of Cultural Arts Michael Bennett.
And the owners of WBVN Christian Radio know all too well the headaches they had in dealing with graffiti on their business.
"Obviously it's frustrating. We had just remodeled the building inside and did some painting out there, only to have to add new paint over on top of the images to cover it up again. So it's not something you look forward to seeing when you come in," said Ken Anderson.
But no matter the levels of frustration, more and more businesses just keep getting tagged.
The entire rear wall of the Carbon Center Shopping Plaza is covered in spray-painted words and symbols.
"It's frustrating, it's inappropriate and unnecessary.  And it's really taking up a lot of our time and money to try to stay ahead of it," Anderson said.
"We wish we could do something about it.  We wish we could just stop it.  But, we just can't be everywhere at every moment.  So now we're going to have to buy some expensive paint to match the doors and repaint all of them," Bennett said.
Meanwhile investigators with the Marion Police Department are questioning a person of interest about the damage.  But, no names of suspects have been released at this time.  And the police are asking for your help to put a cap on the spray-painting vandals in Marion.  Call the Marion Police Department at 618-993-2124 if you have information.