Court Suspends Cooper's Law License

Court Suspends Cooper's Law License
By: Heartland News
The Missouri Supreme Court has issued an interim suspension on Nathan Cooper's law license.
Former Representative Nathan Cooper of Cape Girardeau did not file anything with the Missouri Supreme Court Thursday, but did file an answer to motion for interim suspension Friday.
He had until 5 p.m.Thursday to show the court cause as to why his law license should not be suspended but failed to do so.
According to a spokesperson with the court, the Supreme Court granted leave for Nathan Cooper to file the answer to motion for interim suspension Friday.
Cooper filed the the motion Friday saying he was out of town and was given less than 24 hours notice to respond to the order.

Cooper states in the motion that he will voluntarily surrender his law license on September 1st. 

Heartland News learned late Friday afternoon that the Supreme Court of Missouri ordered the interim suspension.
Cooper pleaded guilty to immigration fraud charges on August 9th.