Local Grad's Dream Shattered

Local Grad's Dream Shattered
By: CJ Cassidy
FARMINGTON, Mo. - A local girl who got scholarship offers from several colleges around the country, must now take out a loan to go to school.    
Danielle Littrell and her family say she's missing out on the chance of a lifetime, and they blame the US Navy.
A Navy recruiter at the Farmington, Missouri, office promised to make Littrell's dreams come true.
Then, just a few weeks before she was to pack up and go to college, they yanked her scholarship.
"At the time, I was like wow.  I have four years of college paid for, that's pretty cool," Littrell said thinking back.
So how did someone like her, who had full scholarships to several colleges, end up having to get a loan?
Danielle and her mom watch a video tape they have over and over as they try to figure out what went wrong.
It shows Liittrell picking up a $180,000 mock check from the US Navy last year.
But her dreams would soon be shattered.
"Three weeks ago, I found out all of a sudden you don't have a scholarship all the work you did is down the drain," Littrell said.
Navy representatives told Littrell and her family she didn't meet medical standards and cite a herniated disc as the problem.
"I enclosed everything from my past history from every doctor I've had and enclosed my back problem," she said.
Danielle's mom, Lori, realizes you have to be physically fit to join the Navy.
"My problem and argument is the fact that it took them so long to make a determination and it affected her college career, professional career in more ways than you can imagine," Lori said.
She adds Danielle missed out on the other scholarships because she counted on the Navy to accelerate her life.
"I'm very embarrassed by the military," Lori Littrell said.  
"If this had happened in the private sector according to legal counsel photos of her award presentation would have held up in court because it's the government it's different. I say no, I'm not going away," she said.
"I'll get past it. I always feel like I get to do things, but it's a hard obstacle to overcome. Very frustrating," Danielle said.

A US Navy representative tells Heartland News this is not what the Navy likes to do with their scholarships.  There is an investigation underway to find out what happened in Littrell's case, and what can be done to help her, and also prevent this from happening to anyone else.