Body of Missing Juggalo Found

Body of Missing Juggalo Found
By: Arnold Wyrick

CAVE-IN-ROCK, Ill. - The gathering of the "juggalos" as they are known by band members of the Insane Clown Posse took place over the weekend.  The three-day concert drew crowds of concert goers from across the nation.  One of those in attendance was 30-year-old Shane Barnett from Indianapolis, Indiana. 
Barnett and three other friends made the long drive for a fun filled weekend in Hardin County at the gathering at the Hogrock campgrounds.
Shane got overheated and required medical treatment on Saturday.  His friends say they saw him several hours later back out at the concert, but that was the last time they saw him.
"This is scaring me to death because I know he wouldn't just take off walking or whatever if he wasn't, if something wasn't wrong with him," said Debbie Hanks Shane's mother.
Search crews from the Hardin County Emergency Management Agency spent the past two days searching the wooded areas in and around the concert site, and found nothing to lead them to Shane's whereabouts.
So his friends made the long drive back down from Indianapolis and began their own search, posting posters throughout the area.
One of his best friends, Daniel Wilson recalls the last time he saw his friend during the concert.
"I saw some people looking for him, so I stayed at the campsite and then he came back.  And that's when he asked me to get him some help and I took him up to the emergency tent," Wilson said.
That was sometime on Saturday.  And Daniel says he never saw Shane again.  But, he also never gave up looking for him even after the gathering ended.
"I saw this old guy out by the gate while the gathering was leaving and I asked him and showed him Shane's picture.  And he was the only one who said he saw him and everybody else I asked acted like they hadn't seen nothing," Wilson said.
The search for Shane ended Thursday afternoon shortly after 1:30 p.m.  One of the K-9 search crews from Clayton County, Indiana found his body just a mile south of the concert site on the Hillcrest Baptist Youth Camp property. 
Police say they don't suspect any foul play in Shane's death because he had no signs of any injuries.  An autopsy is now being scheduled to determine his exact cause of death.